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Puppy Care

Puppies can be a huge time investment, particularly when they are between three and 17 weeks old – their critical socialisation period. This is why RSPCA NSW recommends taking your puppy to Puppy Preschool classes and to off-leash parks to socialise with other dogs – but only once she has been fully vaccinated.

Training is important as it:

  • provides mental stimulation
  • keeps your dog happy
  • provides important socialisation opportunities

Remember to reward your puppy’s good actions with a food treat, pat, or pleasant tone, and to ignore ‘unwanted’ actions. Training should always be based on positive reinforcement training and kindness.

You will need to ensure your puppy:

  • has ongoing opportunities to socialise with other dogs and with people
  • is house trained
  • is obedience trained and properly socialised
  • settles into your house comfortably, with a quiet place to call their own

You can find more information about caring for your puppy on the Knowledgebase here.