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Learn how to care for your pet bird.


Pet birds make excellent companion animals, but must be properly cared for, and provided with an interesting and spacious environment. To keep your pet bird fit, happy and healthy, she’ll need time for free flight within a safe, enclosed environment.

Vocalisations are just one way in which birds communicate. Your bird will also use body language to tell you how she’s feeling. For example, she might lean away and flatten her feathers close against her body to try and let you know that she doesn’t want to do something.

If you ignore the signs, your bird can become agitated. She might flare her tail feathers, open her beaks, and the feathers on her heads or necks might stand up. This indicates that she is feeling threatened or anxious, and you should leave her alone.

Allowing your bird to make choices, and rewarding behaviours that you want will make her more likely to want to interact with you.