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Adoption fees

Ever wondered how much it costs to adopt an animal? RSPCA NSW adoption fees help to cover some of the costs associated with preparing each animal for adoption. Our animals come fully vet-checked and, depending on species, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. As you can imagine, the cost of caring for each animal that comes through our doors far exceeds the amount we charge for each adoption but these fees go back into caring for more abandoned, injured, neglected and sick animals.

In addition to the initial cost of adoption, there’s a long list of expenses that the average pet owner may incur within a year. You’ll need to take these expenses into consideration before deciding to become a pet owner. If you’re ready to make the commitment, check out our adoption fees below.


Puppy (under 12mths) $580
Dogs (over 12mths) $480

Kitten (under 6mths) $250
Cat (over 6mths) $200

Pocket Pets
Rabbits & Ferrets $70
Guinea Pigs $50
Rats & Mice $5

Birds may be subject to individual pricing depending on veterinary services provided. Refer to Avian Species Price Guide. Please note RSPCA NSW cannot adopt species requiring a license. Refer NPWS

Class 1 Birds $8 – $28
Class 2 Birds min $50
Class 3 Birds min $70
Class 4 Birds $165 – $455

Class 1 Birds:
Budgerigars, Canaries, Dove – Domestic, Dove – Fantail, Dove – Peaceful, Finch – Zebra, Lovebird – Peachface, Pigeon – Crested, Quail, Quail – Brown, Quail – King, Red-Rumped Parrot, Turtledove – Spotted.

Class 2 Birds:
Bourkes Parrot, Cockatiel, Finch – Blue Faced Parrot Finch, Finch – Gouldian, Finch – Painted, Finch – Star, Lorikeet – Musk, Lovebird – Black Masked, Lovebird – Fischer’s, Partridge

Class 3 Birds:
Rosella – Eastern, Scarlet-Chested Parrot, Cockatoo – Sulphur Crested, Conure Parrot, Corella – Little, Corella – Long Billed, Corella – Western, Elegant Parrot, Galah, Indian Ringneck, Lorikeet – Rainbow, Princess Parrot, Quail – Little Button, Quail – Painted Button, Quail – Stubble.

Class 4 Birds:
African Grey Parrot, Alexandrine Parrot, Hooded Parrot, Lorikeet – Red Collared, Lorikeet – Scalybreasted, Port Lincoln Parrot, Quaker Parrot, Red-Capped Parrot, Rosella – Adelaide, Rosella – Pale-headed, Rosella – Western, Rosella – Yellow, Rosella – Yellow, Twenty-Eight Parrot, Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot.

Poultry $12-$45
Goats, Sheep & Pigs $60
Cattle min $250
Horses $1,000


For more information on what to expect from adopting one of our animals, head here.

The above prices are valid from July 2022 at all RSPCA NSW shelters and our Care Centre. Each individual branch varies in pricing so to find out how much it is to adopt from your local branch, please get in contact them. Details here.)