Dogs can get restless and destructive when they’re bored or even scared. Sometimes there isnt enough stimulation to keep them occupied and they have more energy than they know what to do with.

Try these tips

Increase social time

Expand your dog`s world and increase social time by going for walks, visiting the dog park, teaching it tricks and rotating its toys. If you don`t have time to take your dog for extra walks or playtime, consider asking a friend, family member or reputable professional for help! Chat to your local vet to see if they know of anyone offering these kinds of services in your area.

Keep your dog stimulated

Dogs benefit from environmental enrichment. Purchasing new toys to keep your furry friend stimulated while you`re away will make a difference to their everyday life. There are slo a number of DIY ways you can enrich your pets at home, simply Google ``Dog Enrichment DIY`` and you will be amazed at how many ideas are out there!


Keep your home tidy and clear

It can be helpful to clear away all potential chew toys that you may not want chewed. Think about things like shoes, kids toys, precious furniture and anything that your pooch could pickup that could cause potential injury or choking.

Speak to a veterinarian or behaviourist

Checking in with a professional will help you understand where your dog’s destructive behaviour comes from. It could be an anxiety issue, for example, which can be managed with proper training and/or medication.

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