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Let's get your Pet Portrait made!

How does it work?

To raise vital funds for animals in need, artists (and the artistically challenged) among us will be drawing your furry, feathered and finned best friends.

Our team of volunteers are an eclectic mix of verified Portrait Artists, graphic designers, painters as well as the less artistically inclined animal lovers….so it’s a bit of a lucky dip of what you’re going to receive!

To get your Poorly (or not so poorly) Drawn Pet portrait, just follow these three easy steps…



Step 1. Please make a $30 donation per Pet 

Scenario 1 – You would like a single Pet Portrait containing one pet. This would be a $30 donation.

Scenario 2 – You have more than one pet and would like an individual portrait of each. This will be the same process as Scenario 1, but you will need to repeat this process for each pet.

Scenario 3 – You would like a custom Pet Portrait containing more than one pet together in the Portrait. Please make your donation the total of $30 per pet which will be featured. For example, if you have an image of your 3 birds, this will be a $90 donation.


Step 2. After you have completed your donation, you will be redirected to a Thank you page. Please click the link to submit a photo and your details.

Please use the same details as you have entered for your donation – especially the email address. This will allow us to correctly match each donor to their drawing. If you are submitting a picture for a friend, we will send you the finished portrait so that you can send it on to them yourself.

Note: If you have made a donation for more than one pet to be drawn in the same Pet Portrait, please upload one photo with ALL of your pets in it.


Step 3. Our volunteers will start working hard on drawing your gorgeous Pet Portrait for you.

Remember, this is a lucky-dip of volunteers with a range of skills – from professional artists to enthusiastic animal lovers! You don’t know what you’ll get – that’s part of the fun!


Step 4. We will email you back your completed portrait (or portraits) by the 10th February!

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    Examples of previous Pet Portraits


    We’re sorry if you missed out on this fun campaign! But don’t worry, we are sure to bring it back later in the year so you will have another chance.

    RSPCA Team & The Animals