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RSPCA NSW has a number of retail stores which sell pet food, toys and other pet products. You can find these stores at a number of our Care Centres, shelters and veterinary hospitals. We also have four RSPCA op shops in NSW.

We even have an online store so that wherever you are in Australia, you can get your favourite pet products delivered straight to your door.

By shopping any of our retail stores, your money goes towards helping animals in need in NSW. It’s a great way to support the work we do.

RSPCA Retail stores

Retail FAQs

100 per cent of all profits from our retail stores go towards helping RSPCA NSW animals in need.

For every dollar you spend:

  • 73 cents is used to run animal welfare services across the state. It keeps our veterinary hospitals running and our inspectors on the road investigating cruelty cases. It also enables us to continue educating current and future generations, promoting long-term change for animal welfare.
  • 17 cents is invested into fundraising to ensure we have the necessary resources to continue running our shelters, veterinary hospital and programs.
  • 10 cents is spent on essential administration, including our human resources and legal teams.

No, unfortunately purchases from an RSPCA retail store are not tax deductible.

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