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Will you help keep vulnerable animals safe and warm this winter?

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    During the wintertime, our dryers in shelters across the state are kept spinning 24/7.

    They need to, in order to provide the thousands of homeless animals in our shelter with warm, clean, dry blankets and towels to keep them warm and protect them from the brutal cold.

    Over the next three months, we’ll need at least $44,812 just to keep our dryers spinning.

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    At this very moment, there are 2,371 neglected, abandoned and abused animals in our shelters, who have no one to care for them but us. That’s $498 each day just to give our animals warm, dry and snuggly blankets.

    Your generous gift can help cover the cost of a dryer cycle, and bring vulnerable animals the crucial warmth they need.

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    As you can imagine, there are also many other costs required to heat our kennels – including providing enough bedding, and ensuring that we have the medications needed for the illnesses that are more prevalent during the colder months.