Leave the feasting to non-furry friends and family this Christmas

RSPCA NSW asks pet owners to remain vigilant over what they feed their pets over the holidays.

In the spirit of giving, it can be tempting to sneak our pets a taste of the Christmas ham. However, it is important to remain pet smart this silly season and stay vigilant over what we are feeding our pets these holidays.

You may think you are giving your pet a treat by giving them festive foods, but many of these foods can be toxic to animals or cause them to become unwell,” said RSPCA NSW Chief Veterinarian Liz Arnott.

“There are other ways to make Christmas special for your pets, like providing them with long-lasting chews and taking the time to exercise and play with them before your guests arrive for lunch,” Dr. Arnott added.

Here are some festive foods to avoid giving your pets:

·       Pork/ham

·       Marinades

·       Gravy

·       Cooked bones

·       Chocolate

·       Christmas pudding

·       Fruit cake

·       Grapes/currants/raisins

·       Onion

·       Lollies

·       Alcohol