I found kittens! What should I do?

If you find kittens on the street, it is very normal to feel concerned and feel the need to rescue them, but the first step is to assess the situation.,

You can follow this decision tree to calculate the kittens’ age and help you to know what to do.

0-4 Weeks Old

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The best chance of survival for kittens at this age is to stay with their mother. Mum’s milk is perfect for them. She keeps them warm and protects them. You can watch the kittens from a distance, or you can come back later to see if their Mum comes back for them, as she may just be away trying to find food. Another good idea is to spread flour around the kittens and watch for mum’s paw prints.

You should only remove kittens if they are in danger or visibly injured. In those cases, you should either relocate them to a safer place or take them to the vet immediately.

If you have waited for a few hours (3-6 hours) and mum hasn’t returned, then it’s time to act, you can care for the kittens yourself. It may seem overwhelming at first, but everybody can take care of kittens with the right information, supplies, and resolution. You don’t need a lot of space. You can keep the kittens in a small carrier all day long! Even if you live in a small apartment, you can set up a playpen for when the kittens are older and able to move more. You can also contact your local vet for advice on the best products to use. Here is a list of supplies to get you started. Please follow this link to find all the information to take care of your orphan kittens.

If you cannot care for the kittens yourself, ask a friend, loved one, or neighbour to keep the kittens.

Once you’ve exhausted the above options, you can then contact your local shelter. During kitten season, shelters receive thousands of kittens, and might not be able to take your kittens, however, they can provide good advice. Notice that most shelters and pounds, lack the resources to provide on-site care for so many orphan kittens, and for this reason, they are often euthanized. That’s why if you decide to care for them, you will be their life saviour!

4-8 Weeks Old

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These kittens have reached solid food age, if mum were not around, they would benefit from being around humans and be socialized, so they can be adopted into loving homes.

Click here to find useful resources about how to settle them at home and what you need to start the socialisation process.

Settling in your cat

What your cat needs


8 Weeks Old

Kittens are fully independent and can be desexed at this age. Please follow the guide: What to do if you find a cat.