Do you have old towels and blankets to donate to RSPCA NSW?

Donate towels, bedding and manchester to RSPCA NSW

RSPCA NSW is always in need of extra towels, sheets, blankets and bedding to make the lives of animals living in care more comfortable – especially as we come up to winter and the temperature drops.

You know what they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. And it’s certainly true for the hundreds of animals who directly benefit from your unwanted goods.

So, if you’ve Marie Kondo’d your home and have a bunch of manchester you no longer need, consider bringing it to us.

Here’s a quick list of what we’d be thrilled to accept as a physical donation:

  • Towels (new and used)
  • Flat sheets (new and used)
  • Fitted sheets (new and used)
  • Pillow cases (new and used)
  • Blankets (but not feather doonas)
  • Pet beds

Got it? Good. Now, how do you do it?

1. Gather it together

Bundle up your unwanted goods and put them in a bag for us. If you have a large volume, separate them into bags according to category, i.e. towels in one, pillow cases in another, and label them appropriately.

2. Drive to your nearest RSPCA NSW shelter or Care Centre

Most shelters and Care Centres will accept your donation at the front desk and pass them on to the relevant teams. We’re sure they’ll be very happy to see you!

3. Or, send your items in the mail

If you can’t make it into a shelter or Care Centre, we also accept physical donations by mail. Just pop the item in an envelope addressed to the RSPCA NSW location of your choice — you can find a list of addresses here.

However, if you do choose to mail, we’d love a heads up! This way, we can anticipate the delivery and get everything in order for the arrival of your package.

4. Tell your friends and family

Now your clean up is finished and your donation is recieved, it’s time to spread the word. Tell your family and friends how easy it was to donate your old bedding to RSPCA NSW and get them on board.

Easy as! Thanks in advance for your help.