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Keeping pets entertained during lockdown 

Date Updated: June 29, 2022

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Lockdowns can be difficult for both pets and their owners as the sudden change in schedule can be a challenging transition. It’s important to keep your pets mentally stimulated to not only keep them entertained but help with any anxiety they may be feeling during the transition. 

Pets who are bored can develop destructive habits and may vent their frustrations on items like your furniture. Dogs, in particular, will often display behaviours such as excessive barking, digging and restlessness when bored.  

 If your pets are showing signs of these troublesome behaviours, it may be a sign of a lack of mental stimulation. To help bust boredom during lockdown, here are our top tips!

Incorporate challenges into their daily activities 

Pets usually have it quite simple when it comes to meals, with the bulk of us just placing their food down and waiting for them to get stuck into work. A good place to start is by changing your pet’s feeding schedule if you want to add more intellectual stimulation to their routine.  

 Using food dispensing toys can also add in an extra challenge for your pets during mealtime.

Check out some options from Petbarn such as the Kong Spinner and the Kong Dong!

Use interactive toys

To keep your pet busy throughout the day, why not invest in a doggy board game or a canine puzzle. You can also play makeshift games which focus on memory with your pets. 

A great way to keep your pets incentivised is using toys that will allow treats to be hidden inside so your pet will need to use their brain to figure out how to get them out!

Stay Active

We know it’s not always possible to given the current climate but depending on lockdown restrictions, maintaining a consistent routine for your dog’s walks is an essential part of helping them adjust. 

Allowing your dog time to explore around and locate safe spots to wander and run freely helps make every walk exciting. 

It’s a difficult adjustment, but remember to take advantage of this opportunity to unwind at home with your pet.

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